Monday, March 17, 2014

Wilhelm Stienbuck

A card from Wilhelm Stienbuck while serving in Roeselare, Belgium. The larger sign indicates he was part of the paying office for the woodworker's union (Holzarbeiter Verband Zahlstelle: Roulers). The smaller one reads Flandern 1917.

I just scanned this card which was a few cards down the line in the box. It is also to Dora Stienbuck from the same soldier. His first name here is a bit more legible and seems to be Wilhelnye. That does not come up in any search engine as a name. Regardless what his first name may be, Herr Stienbuck did serve at least two years. The earlier card was postmarked in April of 1915 and the other in March of 1917.

In 1915 the 18th Reserve Division was in the Lassigny area until October.

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